Dizzy Kinetics 2010

South American concert tour – April 2010

April 6 – travel to Mexico City (through Frankfurt)

April 7 – travel to Quito (through Bogota)

April 10 – concert at El Molinio in Quito (organiser: Daniel Pico)

April 12 – travel to Manizales (through Bogota)

April 14, 15 – workshops in Manizales at Univeristy of Caldas

April 16 – concert in Manizales IX Image International Festival

Fundadores Theater http://www.festivaldelaimagen.com

(organiser: Felipe C. Londoño / Caldas University)

April 18 – travel to Bogota

April 19 – workshop at the Andes University (organiser: Ana Maria Romano/ Fundacion Espacio Cero)

April 20 – concert at Matik Matik (cooperated with Foundation Espacio Cero)

April 21 – travel to Mexico City

April 22 – travel to Morelia

April 23 – concert and workshop at CMASS in Morelia

(Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts ): http://www.cmmas.org (organiser: Rodrigo Sigal)

April 24 – concert at CMASS

April 25 – travel to Mexico City

April 25 – concert in Gato Calavera in Mexico City (organizer: Sergio Sanchez)

April 26 – return to Poland

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